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Elul! Selah...

Truth springs up from the earth; justice looks down from heaven. The Lord also bestows His bounty; our land yields its produce." Psalm 85:12-13 (Tanakh/ Jewish Study Bible)

Faithfulness, truth and justice personifies the attributes of our Eternal Father, the Holy One of Israel. The kindness shown to human life daily is more unseen than that which is seen. In this season of Elul, there is a response coming down from heaven that requires a certain reflection of heart. Truth must spring up from the earth. The responsibility of a blessing is to demonstrate the duty call truth. Truth is never about the choice we make or the ones we think are right. When truth is subjective it make the person liable; and in the kingdom of salvation there is no liability. There is no debt!

Heaven is looking again for the fear of it. All is from heaven except the fear of heaven. The fear of heaven begins with knowing the responsibility to truth what to accept; what to reject. Fear of heaven is knowing who we stand before and to not take this position lightly. When there is disregard for the Maker of all then there are material consequences. All things are given to us because of the nature of our Father. He loves us and takes care of all creation, but not at the risk of losing truth and justice.

Life and death is made up of all that a person is given - all the facets of character, the inherited traits and quirky tendencies, the upbringing and the environment. All of these are factors which determine what we call life. But if these be our driving force where then is the equality? Who then determines what does and does not pass through as okay? Given the human situation our existence is the result of action; whether the actions are our own or the actions of others. In this moment, this very moment heaven is watching EVERYTHING!; from mind to heart, from past to present, from here to there. The long term effects of choice ripples out either for destruction or for to elevation.

The soul's dedication to being close to God is repentance not for sin but for not recognizing the magnitude of holiness we carry at all times. The joy of our soul is total dependency on all the promises as Yes! and Amen! This revealed to us by our faithful, unchanging Eternal Father through the record of His son, Yeshua. We are shown so much kindness in the bounty of God's love. Justice eagerly awaits each of us not as the condemnatory bully but as the original blueprint written and spoken in red. The ultimate goal of this is to remove from the heart the blockage caused by materialist leaning.

Worship is spirit. Worship is truth. The song we each have must be expressed and in its expression must be pure. Morning, afternoon and evening, shall graciousness be the hymn of the heart. All the works of the Divine can only be ascribed as God's handiwork working daily for His name sake on our behalf. Oh the joy of Divine intervention! Oh the unconditional surrender to the reality of God's plan not only to the visible but the veiled as well. The increase is great. The opportunity is greater.

Heaven is in the field and there is a seated King upon His righteous throne....but truth must spring awaken to the sound of justice because our fields are full....Selah!

Shabbat Shalom


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Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart
Sep 10, 2019

There is so much packed in this blog. During this time of Elul, we must come to the realization that HEAVEN SEES EVERYTHING! I am in awe of His love daily, as He continues to pour this truth in us!


Sep 06, 2019

Rabbi this is so on time. Truth must spring up from the earth... justice comes down from Heaven. We must be His truth...The King is in the Field calling His Truth...Where are you? What do we look like?

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