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There is a colloquialism amongst us that is used to describe a prominent person, which lacks substance, personality or ability. That person is referred to as an "empty suit." A person that moves in a wrong identity or sins, falls "short of the glory of God" and lacks weight and substance. What happens when man lives without glory? In this book by my dear brother, coworker and friend, Rabbi Yisrael Ben Avraham, goes through a thorough presentation as to how the empty suit can be filled to the standard of glory. Emulating the Divine Designer this godly author charts a path in which man can recover and reposition himself to Father's original intention regaining our realm of substance, personality and ability. Every person seeking to fulfill his divine task of manifesting that standard should read this book and think twice before doing things that sells us short of it. I highly recommend this read! Saúl L. Ávila Christian Community Center "The standard of glory is now in the tabernacle of men's heart" Yisrael Ben Avraham On rare occasions do I read a unique book like "The Standard is Glory." Rabbi Yisrael has done an incredible job of painting a picture of glory, spiritual systems and protocols critical to the development of the sons of God. He challenges the reader to examine biblical principles from a Hebraic perspective, which opens the door for both education and revelation. The text presents a new fundamental understanding that "glory is the power to facilitate dominion." I encourage readers, novice and seasoned alike, to engage in what is presented and allow it to transform you inside and out. Dr. Sharon R. Nesbitt Dominion World Outreach Ministries "His is all I am"... a son...Yisrael Ben Avraham

The Standard is Glory

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