Studying with Etz H’Chayim will be both exciting and challenging.  It is our deepest desire to ensure a qualitative program as you endeavor to learn about God’s rich word and world.

As an educational avenue, the program will ensure proper training and knowledge of being a disciple of the gospel.  The program will provide a Judeo-Christian educational learning environment for training in leadership and interpersonal relations utilizing the human resources within the community.  Offering quality instruction, the overall goal will provide opportunities for Judeo-Christian service and ministry modeling biblical behaviors, values, morals, and ethics creating higher order and critical thinking skills for problem solving. 

The Etz H’Chayim Institute is committed to teaching written, oral, artistic, and self-expression skills and the appreciation of Scripture.  It is in creating awareness of varying world views and Judeo-Christian expressions that the program will build the foundation to your theological biblical belief.  The coursework is designed to assist students in becoming aware of environmental, social, political, and stewardship in religious studies.

We look forward to your personal commitment and growth as you undergo the challenges of expanding your sincerest desire to learn.  We are fully persuaded that the diligent person finds a real relationship with God.  We also believe that in this seeking, you will fulfill your purpose as God’s elected. 

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