Etz H'Chayim


Yeshua taught his disciples according to biblical tradition that called them to walk with him, be with him.  Study is one of the highest forms of worship and service.  


Etz H'Chayim Institute (ECI) offers online learning in Judaeo Biblical Studies.  ECI learning offers an atmosphere of restoring Hebraic biblical culture with social relevancy and spiritual sensitivity. 


The purpose is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of biblical learning, research and community service. 

Etz H’Chayim provides exceptional and comprehensive opportunities designed to assist humanity in becoming aware of environmental, social, political, and stewardship in both spiritual and secular studies.  

Upon completion our hope is seeing transformed lives through shared responsibility, discovery and freedom; with an individual opportunity to advance spiritual values. 


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Participation Requirements


  • Complete the application which indicates your interest in learning with Etz H’Chayim. 

  • Conference call attendance is required twice a month.

  • Monthly tuition is due on the 20th of each month. 

  • Assignments must be completed on time.


       For detailed information on individual classes and please visit                 the Learning Opportunities page.


Intro to Old Testament

Course # OT 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to Synoptic Gospels

Course # SYNG 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to Hermeneutic 

Course # HER 100

Semester: Spring 2020

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Intro to Messianic Jewish Theology

Course # MESJT 100

Semester: Spring 2020

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Into to Jewish History

Course # JEWH 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to the Tanak

Course # TNK 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to Manners & Customs of Bible

Course # MACU 100

Semester: Spring 2020

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Intro to the Writings

Course # KET 100


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God and Messiah

Course # THEO 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to Prophetic Books

Course # NEV 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to the Torah

Course # TOR 100

Semester: Spring 2020


Intro to Historical Israel

Course # HISI 100


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Early Messianic Jewish Community

Course # EMJC 100

Semester: Spring 2020